The Frontier Tuque
The Frontier Tuque
The Frontier Tuque
The Frontier Tuque
The Frontier Tuque
The Frontier Tuque
The Frontier Tuque
The Frontier Tuque
The Frontier Tuque
The Frontier Tuque
The Frontier Tuque
The Frontier Tuque
The Frontier Tuque

The Frontier Tuque


We were blown away by the interest in our first limited edition of The Frontier Tuque. It made it clear to us that people are looking for high-quality, thoughtful, well-designed, and ethically made and sourced products. It's the last winter hat you'll ever have to buy.

We are now looking at new ways to bring this product back to market.

If you'd like to receive updates, send us an email at and we'll be in touch.  

The Frontier Tuque is a question and a statement.

The question is:
What happens when a design studio rethinks an existing product to improve it in every possible way?

The statement is:
We have created a tuque that we believe could be the world’s best.

The result is a product conceived over 18 months of research and development. It is an exploration of Canadian history, material science, fabrication techniques, production processes, and economic systems. The Frontier Tuque is an argument against disposable fashion and for a return to craftsmanship in every sense.

Conceived in Toronto by a small team at Frontier including a local master knitter, our tuque employs a double-walled construction with a Merino wool exterior, a Qiviut blend interior, and single thickness brim. The design mitigates conduction through a custom Qiviut blend base layer combined with an external Merino wool layer that protects from external wind while also guarding against convection-based heat loss.

Qiviuq or qiviut; Inuktitut syllabics, ᕿᕕᐅᖅ; is an Inuktitut word commonly used to indicate the wool of the muskox. Unlike sheep’s wool, this rare fibre doesn’t shrink in water at any temperature. It is eight times stronger and warmer than sheep's wool, and softer than cashmere. It has excellent longevity and with good care can last over 20 years.

It has been tested by ice sculptors, Zamboni drivers, butchers, and backcountry hikers. It is designed for the city as well as for the remote wilderness. The emblem sewn on the brim of all our tuques means Start of Trail. It’s derived from the language of blaze wayfinding found on hiking trails all across North America. We designed this tuque with the spirit of that starting point in mind. Whether you’re hiking a remote rocky peak or diving deep in the trenches of a creative project, this tuque is made for adventure.


There are several considerations when we establish our price. Because these tuques are carefully sourced and made in Canada, the price may vary year to year depending on various factors like Qiviut supply, labour, and transportation costs. 

One size fits all
8" crown height
19" opening
Inner Layer:
35% Qiviut, 35% Cashmere, 30% Merino Wool
Outer Layer:
100% Merino Wool
Made in Toronto, Canada.
  • The word 'Tuque' is the Canadian term for winter hat, or beanie hat.
  • Our Qiviut is sourced from Cottage Craft Angora in Quebec.
  • Hand wash only. Block to dry.
  • Final product may differ slightly from what is shown in photographs.