Pre-Order Live Magazine Issue 02 / Design Thinkers 2019

Pre-Order Live Magazine Issue 02 / Design Thinkers 2019

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Live Magazine offers smart distillations of stimulating gatherings. For each issue, Frontier assembles a new team of editors, writers, photographers, and illustrators to give readers insight into an events most powerful ideas and conversations.

To commemorate the twentieth anniversary of DesignThinkers, this edition of Live Magazine is a special report on the people, ideas, trends, and technologies that define today and forecast tomorrow, including:

The Future of Typography
New Career Paths and Self-Initiated Projects
A Look Back on Twenty Years of Design Discourse
The Evolving Nature of Collaboration 
How Big Data Is Changing Design
+ Over sixty pages of insight, ideas, and inspiration from DesignThinkers

Keynote speakers include Tina Roth Eisenberg, Verònica Fuerte, Sagi Haviv, Natasha Jen, and Adam Kurtz.

December 2019

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